If you’re looking to simply improve your surfing or aspiring to become a professional surfer we can help you out. We have a number of different strategies and motivation techniques including video analysis, fitness, competition readiness and equipment selection.

Group Coaching : $40

Private Coaching : $90

Surfer Coaching Newcastle

Newcastle Surf School head coach Daniel Frodsham is a level 2 qualified instructor with Surfing Australia. Daniel is also head coach for Newcastle Hunter Academy of Sport, he coached the NSW state team to be the most successful at the Australian Titles and has coached the Newcastle Regional Teams heading to State Titles.

He has gained his extensive knowledge through his own success as a professional surfer competing on the World Qualified Series (WQS) for 6 years and is now passing on his experiences and knowledge to up and coming surfers.

Head Surfing Coach Daniel Frodsham

Daniel Frodsham in a barrel